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Taxes in St. Maarten

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Because we are dedicated to helping your business succeed, we are committed to offering effective service and assistance with your corporate and personal tax filing, and ensure that your tax obligations are met.

The tax system in St. Maarten involves taxes on individuals and corporations. Corporations can be classified as either resident or non-resident. Corporations are obligated to pay Income Tax, Profit Tax, Dividend Tax and company Turnover Tax where applicable. One tax obligation for Individuals is Payroll Tax.

  • Turnover taxes
  • Room Rental Tax
  • Payroll Taxes

Turnover Tax is levied on the delivery of goods and all services rendered within the territory by resident and non-resident entrepreneurs within the scope of their business. The Turnover Tax rate is 5%

A 5% room tax is levied from non-resident guests of hotels and other guesthouses, including rentals of vacation villa's and condos. Time-share guests pay a fixed fee of NAF 90 (USD 50) per week which is included in the annual maintenance fee.

Wage and Social Premiums total between 35% and 40% of the NET wage an employee will take home. Most taxes are divided between an employer’s portion add to the gross and an employee’s portion deducted from the gross.

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